Barometer / Air pressure in Ionic / Cordova / Capacitor

Hi there everyone,

I’m looking for a way to make my ionic app receive the air pressure from devices. I’ve done this before in Xcode but can’t seem to find a ionic-native wrapper for one of the Cordova plugins out there that actually can communicate.

I’m using Vue.js to build the ionic app meaning I work with capacitor, but can’t find any capacitor altimeter/barometer plugins either… Feeling a bit lost here.

Is there a way that I can install the cordova plugin and use it without any wrappers and without Cordova installed?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Chris,

You can use cordova plugins inside a Capacitor app. Just make sure the plugin is not listed here.

Most cordova plugins have an ionic package responsible for accessing the plugins. e.g. : @ionic-native/media-capture/ controls the media-capture plugin.