Does ionic uses capacitor plugins under the hood?

I am pretty sure I asked this question before, but I don’t think I ever got an answer. Does ionic framework use Capacitor plugins when running on that platform? Or does it only uses what ionic framework comes with?

For example, the alert controller, does it use Capacitor under the hood when building for Capacitor JS or the code from the framework, the “mobile component emulation” js/css?

Ionic can use some Capacitor plugins when used alongside Capacitor in some components if the Capacitor plugins are installed.

In example Ionic can use haptics plugin for adding haptic feedback on some components when selecting things.
In other components it can change the status bar style to match native behaviors.
Also relies on keyboard plugin for focusing ion-input and ion-textarea fields.

If using Cordova it can also use equivalent plugins with the same purpose.

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