Background mode not really in background?!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

In my app I need to send notifcations to the user during a period that’s pretty much always around 15 minutes long.

I achieved this by using a combination of the native libraries vibration, background-mode and local-notifications.
The app works superb!

The only issue is, that when I test the app on a real device using xcode, I get the following warning:

THREAD WARNING: ['BackgroundMode'] took '108.111084' ms. Plugin should use a background thread.

Does this mean that background-mode doesn’t really run in the background?
Is this a bad thing?


Why don’t you use a backend which send the user a notification every 15 minutes?
Seems easier and more battery friendly then using the device itself for it.


Because the derivation from 15 minutes is so big. It sometimes just takes 30 seconds, 15 minutes is just the average value.