A couple of questions about the Background Plugin Mode

Hi, i’m starting to use this plugin and i’ve a couple of questions:

Can i execute some kind of interval when the app is in Background? Can i send a local notification or something with this plugin enabled?

I don’t find examples of usages and the cordova example doesn’t works for me

Push notification systems were designed to do this. Use them.

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I can’t use them on this project

Then my best advice is to go to whoever told you that and tell them that they have put you in an untenable position and that you can no longer in good conscience work on this project. In my opinion, if you continue to go down this path, you will damage your reputation as a developer. I, for example, would never do business with anybody who persists so strenuously in attempting to find ways to create an app that will cause such harm to its users.

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(I second the advice to use push - but know your situation)

Have a look at the example project using the plain Cordova plugin at https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-background-mode/tree/example

This does something every few seconds in the background. Making requests or creating local notifications should be no different.

The app will suck the battery of the device empty in no time though…

Finally i achieve this. Anyway thanks to both, i’m learning a lot with your advices guys