Background Geolocation not working using Cordova-mauron85-background-geolocation and ionic native


My background geolocation is not working when I put application on background.

My project is Ionic 2 - angular 2
I use the plugin cordova-mauron85-background-geolocation
I use ionic-native Background-Geolocation
I use watchPotision function and defined a callback function that is never called

In foreground mode, everything works fine because I also use Geolocation.

Thanks for the help

You can see my example there = Geolocation.watchPosition(this.foreGroundOptions)
        .subscribe((position: any) => {
                if (position.code === undefined) {
          'BackgroundGeolocationService:setCurrentForegroundLocation', position);
                } else {
            ()=>'watchPosition success'));

I’ll compare and give it a try tonight. Thank you for the reply.

watchPosition is a instant member of Native Geolocation. Is there way to get location using Native “Background Geolocation” even it is in background