Background Geolocation in ionic 3 is not working as expected on IOS device

Here is the config for the background geolocation in ionic 3 :

let config = {
desiredAccuracy: 0,
stationaryRadius: 10,
distanceFilter: 15,
stopOnTerminate: false,
stopOnStillActivity : false,
activityType: ‘AutomotiveNavigation’,
interval : 70000,
fastestInterval: 40000,
activitiesInterval: 60000,
locationProvider : 1,
notificationTitle : “Keep device GPS ON”,
notificationText : “Application is running in background”,
pauseLocationUpdates : false,
debug: false

.subscribe((location: BackgroundGeolocationResponse) => {

         => { = location.latitude;
			this.lng = location.longitude;

It is working fine on an Android device but seems that it is not working as expected on IOS device.

On IOS device :
When the application is in the foreground then it is fetching the location only 1 time and if application switches from foreground to the background than again for one time it is fetching location.

It is not fetching location continuously at the particular interval when the application remains on the same state either in the foreground or in the background on IOS device.