Back button is shown instead of sidemenu button on $stage.go

Hi, I’m pretty new to ionic. Based on the default sidemenu template, I have created a small (test) app to add a movie and to retrieve a list of movies (via an mvc 5 web api 2 web service). In the sidemenu I can click on the link ‘list movies’ and all the movies are shown. In my menubar the sidemenu button is shown.

Now, when I add a new movie, I want to redirect the user back to the list of movies (on succes). The problem I’m facing is that when the list is shown, in my menubar the back button is shown instead of the sidemenu button. What I want is that the user only sees the side-menu button. This is what I have in my controller:

MoviesApp.controller('AddMovieCtrl', function($scope, $http, dataFactory, $state){
        $scope.isEditable = function () {
            return $scope.edit && $;

         $scope.cancel = function () {
            $ = null;

        $ = {};

        $ = function () {
            dataFactory.create($ (response) {
                $ = null;


Thanks for your help.


did you try to disable the back button using $ionicHistory? You can do that using this before call $state.go():

  disableBack: true

You can see the documentation here.

Thanks for your help! That worked for me. The link to the documentation makes me understand why the application is/was doing what it does.