How to disable the back button while showing the side menu button after login?

Hello all! Having a great time deving with Ionic, just running into one issue. I have a login route, that displays the side menu icon, this is great. When I login, I use $state.go(...) to transition to the home screen, which is also fine. The issue is on the home screen it now shows the back button < Login which takes me back to the login screen. If I disable the <ion-nav-back-button> with an ng-if like ng-if='!$'home')' this works fine, however the side menu icon doesn’t show!

So, how can I, disable back button all together on this home screen, and show the side menu (hamburger) icon? Thanks for any advice, ionic is fantastic, I’m just building up my learning curve :slight_smile:

Look into the $ionicHistory service. There you can clear up old history (you should do this after something like logging in or logging out).$ionicHistory/

Ho do you do this in Ionic 2?