How to remove enable-menu-with-back-views and hide-back-button conflict?

My app pages structure is like this


I have set enable-menu-with-back-views="false" in side menu .

after successful login I have called state.go('app.home') which shows back button in app.home

So then I use hide-back-button in app.home .
Now when I come to app.home from app.login side-menu is not showing up. (because I have set enable-menu-with-back-views to false)

How can I show menu in app.home now?
How to handle this kind of problem?

Can you put together a codepen for this? Iā€™m having a hard time visualizing all of this.

Here is codepen :
If you click on Login Now button it will you take to page eventmenu.home , I want side menu enable on this page.

You can set the next view options before navigating to the login page and initialize it as the root of the navigation stack:

 $scope.authorize = function()
        historyRoot: true

Cool Thanks , It works like a charm :wink:

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