Back button blocks side menu button when side menu open and back button is present


I posted a video showing my issue

the issue im having is the back button is blocking the menu button when the menu is open

i can provide a codepen when i get off work


What version of Ionic are you using? Beta 13 or nightlies?

I’m not suggesting you go to nightlies (lots of breaking changes), but if you are on the nightlies and add menu-close to your side menu items, the back button doesn’t happen. The navigation system assumes using the menu means you want to kill the navigation stack.


Thanks @Calendee,

Currently I’m using the nightly builds of ionic
I will try adding the menu-close option you suggested and will post back here if it works or not

well turns out I’m already using menu-close

I think i wasn’t really clear on my issue I’m having let me try and clear it up

When the back button is present and menu is open i can click the menu icon to close the menu

so if i open the menu then want to close it i cant because the back button is there

hope this helps clear my issue up.


thanks for the clarification. Okay, by default, in the nightlies and future beta 14, the menu button will automatically hide and the sidemenu automatically be disabled if you’re on a state with a back view. This CAN be overridden.

So, I wonder why you are seeing the menu button on the at pilots detail page. Did you purposefully override this default hiding of the menu bar (you may want the menu available)? If so, I think you will need to use .showBackButton method in$ionicNavBarDelegate/ to overcome this.

If you did not purposely override it, then something else is wrong. Can you make a sample Codepen of your app?

See this sample :
Go to the “Check-in” item in the menu. Then tap the “Go to Another Page”. Notice how the menu button on this page is missing? Also notice you can’t drag to open the menu. This is how all this should now work by default. FYI: Ignore the title missing on this page. It was a test.

UPDATE : Here is the relevant documentation :


@Calendee Thanks for the response,
I previosely tried using $ionicNavBarDelegate.showBackButton(false);
the only problem with that is i want the menu button still visible but hide just the go back button

I will see if i get a codepen up later this evening.