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Sorry to write in this way but I’m fucking pissed off. I tried Ionic for a week, built some sample apps and then… the Facebook login. I develop .net app for ten years and I never saw such mess. Ionic, cordova, ngcordova, angular, all the different FB plugins, add platform, remove platform, add your reference before or after, cannot be debugged on browser with this or that, never found a complete tutorial or a working sample code, add this line here, remove this line there.

Sorry guys, that’s just a nightmare. It looks more like permanent debugging than dev… I don’t ask for help, I give up with this s***

Good luck for the ones who will really have to work with that.

What you mean are JavaScript coding problems, ionic have no leverage for this. .Net is a compiler language that makes thinks easier, deal with the problems and by a good developer or surrendered :wink:

Well… I was expecting this kind of answers and I’m not here to write my experience with php, javascript or c++. Ionic is supposed to make the things easier, it’s not. If you cannot read this message properly remove platform, try to update all your plugins, and add platform again. If you still don’t see it it’s because of Xcode x.x so you need to add something somewhere. Anyway thanks for your message good developer :wink:

You have to take into consideration that Ionic is sitting atop a fairly large mountain of software that is tackling a very complex task of making cross-platform applications. What you think of as “Ionic problems” may actually be Angular problems or JavaScript problems or HTML problems or CSS problems or Cordova problems or Apple toolchain problems or NodeJS problems or npm problems or gulp problems or webpack problems or TypeScript problems or device emulator problems or mobile platform SDK problems.

So if you would like to try rolling your own framework that binds all that stuff together in a more approachable and robust fashion, good luck with that. I tried that and ended up coming to the conclusion that while there are obviously still lots of things that can go wrong, Ionic has a lot to offer.

Hey there!

Sorry you had a bad first impression of Ionic, thats definitely not how we want you to think of Ionic! We have many resources, this forum, our public slack, and our docs that all aim to help people when they’re getting started. So if there’s something we can to improve that more, please let me know and I’ll take care of it :grin:

If there’s anything I can do to help you, please feel free to reach out!

Why are most of the plugins on ionic documentation website not usable? Such as local-notifications. I tried 3 different local-notification plugins and all 3 didnt work. The one from phonegap doesnt show anything and i implemented everyting as written in documentation,then i tried Baidu Push (also not working and i implemented everything correctly), the local-notification plugin from katzer makes my build crash (before it was running correctly and created an unsigned apk file )