Ionic is throwing errors at me almost every minute


I’ve been working with Ionic for a week and it seems like I’m constantly debugging my code for errors and searching google for build error codes, emulate errors etc etc etc.

Are you guys also receiving a bunch of errors and warnings every five minutes or am I doing a terrible job coding/working with Ionic? I love how Ionic lets me make a native app with Angular etc but I’m starting to think I’d be much much more productive if I just sat down and tried to figure out how to actually code in Swift or something like that.

I don’t feel like my app is coming anywhere since I have to try to sort out all the errors.

I’d appreciate any help you could throw at me. Thank you so much.



PS. Could I be getting the increase of errors since Cordova 6.0 just came out? Maybe Ionic isn’t updated to work well with v6.0.0…