Automatically send a pre-populated email

Ok, so I’m using ionic framework 1.3 (or whatever the latest of version 1 is), and my goal is to send an email of an image file that gets generated from an HTML canvas.

The email is always going to go to the same address. A user does something in a canvas, they click a “send” button and then it generates an image from the canvas that automatically gets sent to the administrator’s email.

I’ve seen katzer’s plugin, – this only seems to pull up a draft window. Actually, I can’t get it to work at all but that’s probably because I’m testing in Chrome browser.

I want this email to send in the background automatically. Not to open an email draft. Is this possible?

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Use a backend service to upload the image and send using a mail service. Simple php script to upload the image and PEAR mail would work nicely.

I just dont think you can send it through the users email account without opening it first.