How to launch native email with an image

I have a modal with a canvas in it. How do I launch an email with the canvas as email body?

I see a couple of email plugins but they seem to launch a composer. In particular I do not want my app to need access to the user’s contacts.


not possible. AFAIK there is no plugin which lets you do this. its better to use some API to send an email if you don’t want to use user accounts.


As an alternative, is it possible to copy a canvas image into clipboard? I tried copying the dataUrl but doesn’t seem to paste in gmail composer.

OK, so I suppose this is perhaps the best option. I tried this plugin

And the code is very straightfoward:

 var img_data = $scope.canvas.toDataURL("image/png");
 var options = { attachments: [ $scope.canvas.toDataURL("image/png") ], 
          subject: 'Enjoy!', body: 'See', isHtml: true};

Which asks which email app to use. But it does not attach the picture to email, says “Couldn’t attach file.” in gmail, and just nothing in outlook.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Really, there is no one who can shed light on how to get the image attachment going on an Android?!

I have tried with image type “image/png” as well as “image/jpeg” , both have same outcome