Auto Open Ionic Modal and wont fire it automatically repeatedly

I had a problem with ionic modal.i need to open a modal automatically after signin as first page to with two options
1)Current location
2)choose from list

I have getting this automatic opening modal.But when i navigating and come back to home page the modal is coming automatically.I need to prevent this

Anybody please help please

set a flag in the localstorage if the modal was open --> if so --> do not open it again.

@bengtler thanks for help.

Iam using Sqlite.Can i use flag with it

sure you can! --> read the flag out of your sqlite db and check if true oder false

@bengtler Thanks for your help.I got it with out setting flag.Its happening just because of clearing caches in all view
Anyway Thanks alot :relaxed:

yeah but keep in mind that by default only 10 views are cached and if you reopen your app the modal is shown again.

K thanks for advice i will remember it.