Modal automatically closes itself in tab view


Hi there, i have a strange problem in ionic2-beta11. If i open my modal it closes automatically after a short time. If open it again than everything works as aspected.

I use a tab view. If i use a modal right on the first level of the tab-view everything works fine.
But if i push another component the the NavController and use the modal on this page i’ve got the automatically closing modal.

Did somebody have the same problem? I really don’t get it :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend




I have the same problem, I recently upgrade my app to beta 11 i have a tabs view (4 tabs) in the first one there is button it opens a modal but the modal closes automatically after a short time.
before upgrade it was working fine.

Any help will be appreaciated



Did you solve the issue? i have the same problem and i tried but nothing


i also did any one got solution plz say