Modal not opening after navigating to other views

Hi ionic people.

Just wanted to let you know I came up with the following issue:

I have a view with a modal, in the modal I have a radio button which closes the modal with an ng-click. Everything works properly when I stay on the same view. Doing it several times.

Once I go back to the main view and then navigate back to the one with the modal, the modal show no longer reopens it.

I’m using ionic v0.9.23 + bootstrap v2.3.2

I hope this helps.

Thank you

Can you post a plunkr or codepen? Hard to help you unless we can see some code, thanks!

Here you go, I posted a sample of the issue i’m having.

I hope it helps.

Thank you

Another update.

If I show the Modal and then close it. The issue occurs. If don’t open it at all. I can navigate, go back to the page and the modal opens normally.

So it seems that the issue is when the Modal is hidden.

Thank you