Are Web Workers Safe For Ionic?


I have some functionality that needs to guarantee messages that I am using sockets to update the UI.

In the event sockets fail, I want to fallback to polling just to make sure I am retrieving the items from my API.

During testing, I have (embarrassingly) used $interval but know this is not sustainable, so I am looking into web workers.

If I am using Crosswalk and the updates iOS browser (not sure if there even is one at this point), is it safe for me to implement web workers to run this polling? I am aware that I can’t access many things in the web workers, but I would just need to pass data back to ionic context so that it can be handled accordingly.


Webworkers should be fine, if you look into the support,

It looks like it is supported well enough, I have used webworkers in Android before, although never got to test them on iOS.