After the page is loaded, use web worker to process something?


Hi, I just need some advise. After the page is rendered, i need to process something not disturbing the UI thread. Looks like Web Worker is the right way to do it, but seems it doesn’t have access to the DOM and couldn’t find a way in Ionic 2.

Any hints?


This is something we’re investigating currently, but we don’t have an easy answer for this. I’d suggest holding off on trying to do this until we have a better understanding of how this will work for ionic


hope to see something within the beta stage. :slight_smile: thanks.


Hi @mhartington, @ozexpert

Is there any news about web workers in Ionic 2? I’m still not able to find a way to implement web worker in Ionic 2 project.



Nothing yet. We have some bigger things to take care of first before we tackle web workers.


Hi! @mhartington Any news on the web workers yet? I have a lot of front end processing in my ionic 2 app which is about to go into production, and the performance gets a litle choppy during that time, Would like to know if any dope is available on web workers. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @mhartington any updates on the web workers front yet ? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks…


Do you have any update to share on this?