Are there any examples of higher profile ionic framework apps?


I’d love to see some high-performance ionic apps in the various app stores to point my co-workers to.

In fact, cordova doesn’t really have a list of featured apps on their store and after looking at the PhoneGap list, it seems that half their listed apps have poor reviews mostly around performance issues.

I really like the idea of leveraging a webview to develop cross platform. However it seems the more I investigate the more I hear that the millions of legacy devices are stuck with horrible in-app browsers on Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, I need good performance on older devices and can’t just say this app supports only X and Y. In fact, my demographic is more likely going to be the person who picks up the cheap or free Android phone over spending top dollar for the newest hardware.

Having some high-profile examples would be great.


If I not wrong, ionic officially supports Android 4+ and ios 6+