Are Ionic / Vue / SQLite the right ones for my project?

Hi there,

Ionic / Vue / SQLite is new territory for me. I have quite neat skills in coding PHP/HTML/CSS and moderately in Javascript. My Projekt is to transform a PHP/HTML/JS/MySQL - app into a native Android app.

So my question to the experts is: Is my idea of working with Ionic/Vue/SQlite the right none?

The app should run on Android stocktaking barcode scanners.

App requirements:

  • Runs on Android 9.0
  • Only offline data storage at the device and on a local SQL-Server (LAN)
  • I have to store a large amount of data records on the device (300 - 2000K) for verifying the inputs
  • The input has to be stored localy on the device in about 50 records each block
  • The blocks must be transferred asynchronously to a local SQL server
  • Simple login and settings-page
  • Only three indivifual pages in total

That’s all

That’s what I thought about when the choice fell on Ionic:

Ionic: Simpliest Way to build an native app with tools I know good (HTML/CSS/JS)
Vue: Easiest and lightweighted framework for Ionic
SQLite: Fastest storage of a large amount of data on the device. Easy communication to the SQL-server in the Lan. Known SQL commands

What do you think, is this the right way to approach this?

At the moment I have just problems finding my way into the SQLLite. The example codes are so extensive, but I really only need very little parts and I quickly reach my limits.

However, I don’t want to learn everything in detail. That is far too extensive for this task.

Please give me an assessment. Perhaps a different framework or approach is much better for my needs.

Thanks in advance