Database implementation decision

Hello, I am developing an app and also a website with ionic 7 / angular 16.
I need a SQL database and documentation to be able to implement both the native part and the web part.
Could you help me what would be the best implementation?

it depends on your needs. Are you using a backend?
If not, you may try something like Firebase

Thanks for answering.
I am using a backend, performing service consumption that must save data locally.
It must be a local database, not in the cloud like Firebase.
Sqlite for native is usable but for web it is not compatible!

What do you mean with “not compatible”?

I understand that SqLite cannot access the browser. Sqlite is only available on native devices.
What I want from my side is for the database to work both natively and in the browser.

I haven’t tried but you can use probably it works on devices and browser.