Appropriate Architecture for my app

I’m seeking advice for the appropriate design for my app. The app will be oriented around a map (probably Google?) that allows for (possibly animated) little critters to wonder around on top, chasing the user if they get within a certain distance.

At the moment I am using the Google Maps native plugin with markers with custom icons as the critters. (I’m actually having issues moving the markers more than once, but that’s another unresolved issue, see: Google Maps Native plugin - markers not appearing to update after setLocation())

I’m not sure if this will be terribly inefficient, having to relocate markers and maybe update the icon through the api 10 times per second or more and I’m wondering if I would get better performance overall to:

a) use the javascript maps api instead
b) Keep the native maps plugin and figure out some way of putting a canvas on top of it and drawing on top of that. - This would probably throw in extra complexity to do with having to smoothly move all the on-canvas markers around whenever the map pans or zooms.

I’m new to ionic/apps and would really appreciate some more experienced devs pointers or suggestions for the best direction to go in.