Ionic Menu Android vs iOS

Not sure if this is a bug or just the way things were designed.
To match our existing app we have the menu on the right side.
In Chrome and Android this menu would slide over the top of the app. Works fine for us.
Finally able to build a ios App.
In Apple, the Menu is on the right, but it pushes the app to the side (instead of over the top of it). Also on Ios, it has little arrows (>) to the right of each menu item. Android doesn’t have that.

How can I make Ios menu look and act the same as Android menu?

Got a repo to share?

You can try adding the mode=“md” attribute to the control…

Those setting are available to you. Head over to the API docs for more details on the attributes you can use. You might need to change some SASS variables as well (the disclosure arrows for example).

It seems like some Ionic documents lack in completeness.

But the menu did have good info.

The menu supports several display types: overlay, reveal and push. By default, it will use the correct type based on the mode, but this can be changed. The default type for both Material Design and Windows mode is overlay, and reveal is the default type for iOS mode. The menu type can be changed in the app’s config via the menuType property, or passed in the type property on the element. See usage below for examples of changing the menu type.

Changed it to
<ion-menu [content]=“content” side=“right” swipeEnabled=“false” type=“overlay”>

Now off to figure out why the status bar is different in Android vs ios.