Appium: No Context view is appeared for IONIC application

Here my code is like below:

Set contextName = driver.getContextHandles();
for (Object o : contextName) {
String data=o.toString();

From above code i am unable to find context view of the page. What action should i have to take for same?
I tried with multiple ways. But unable to do it. No context view appeared and if i am trying to click on element as we always do then its not working. PFB SS for same page. I need suggestion what i have to do for same. Tried as below:

driver.findElementByAccessibilityId("create EDIT ").click();
3.driver.findElementByAccessibilityId("create EDIT").click();
Also PFA of appium server log.![33934210-34511ee2-e01e-11e7-8f78-625cd29224f0|690x387](upload://uFN0bLMDOnOWjMlWOiBUr6flhSS.png)

I read your post, but am not sure what you are talking about.