Help making iOS build

I’m having problems making an iOS build of my app. It’s my first time with iOS so I don’t have much experience.
I’m using ionic with react and everytime I try making a build it doesn’t complete despite all the solutions I try, I’ve tried lots of things and nothing is working.
Can someone help with this?

I’m using a PC, so I’m triyng to build directly on the appflow website

Hello David,

We had develop and launch 500+ ios applications so surely I can assist you with your requirement.
Kindly reach me on skype cis.troy to discuss ahead

Have a great day ahead

Hi damiga14,

It would be helpful if you can contact the Appflow support along with your app ID and build ID so that we can take a closer look at your build logs for further assistance.


Thank you, yoo have been helping me through emails.
The app id af759d23 is and the build id is 7450646

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Thanks I wrote to you on skype