App way too heavy


I have an app on the App Store and Google Play now and I just realized that the app is almost 40 MB. I think that is too big, since my src/ folder’s since is 1.6 MB. That includes all my pictures, code, fonts, etc.

Why is that?

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Both or only android? If only android, do you use crosswalk?

crosswalk add 20-30mb something like that


Inside ios file (147 MB) I got a folder named like my project that weights 58.6 MB.

  • On Images.xcassets I have 16MB
  • In Plugins I have 47 MB (Whaaaat?)

In build folder I have 62.1 MB.
Finally, in www/ folder I have 21.7 MB.

My MyProject.xcodeproj weights 59 KB LOL.

On Android:
The root folder (weights 146.9 MB). Here is the podium.
Taking the lead, we have /build, with an astonishing score of 115.1 MB
/assets has the second position with 21.7 MB
And the rest can’t compite.

I don’t know how is this possible. In what I’m really interested in is how to optimize this.

Thanks for the fast reply.

My plugin folder is 95 mb. My iOS app around 10mb (and I’ve got a “big” app). So I don’t think it comes from the plugin.

What do you have in build to reach 151mb?

My build is 115.1 MB, no 151, so it’s very similar to your app. My app is very big, not gonna lie, but its code/images weights 1.6 MB in total.

What I think it’s happening is that the transpilation generates 150 MB of trash code or something like that.

I have only one plugin that is very heavy: Facebook4 59 MB.

The rest does not pass over 2 MB.

Not similar, when I run ionic serve, my www/build is 14.5mb. Like I said, plugin is big but that doesn’t matter.

Where do you have a build with 115.1 MB? what are these 115.1 MB? it’s one file or many files?

Oh, my /www/build is 11.2 MB.

My /platform/android/build is 115.1 MB.

I don’t have a /platform/android/build but I have got a /platform/ios/build

This one is 35mb

Have you try removing and adding your platform again (maybe)?

Yes I did, lots of times. My app (in iOS) weights 39.8 MB.

I read your post again and finally I think that it could make sense that your app weight 39.8 Mb.

You have got 21.7 MB in your assets folder and your build (www/build/main.js) is also probably some mb. Add some other stuffs needed by cordova and iOS and you reach your size.

For example, just for fun, remove the content of your assets folder and build a new version, how much do your app weight?

My /src/assets weights 1.6 MB. It’s androids assets that weights 21.7 MB, I don’t know, it multiplies the pictures or something.

How much does your project weight on your device?

On my android phone it weights 90mb. Don’t reckon but I read somewhere that it’s normal.

My android/assets is 16mb for the record which seems to be correct for what it contains (www/build, www/assets, cordova-js, plugins)

I was with the same problem the way i resolve is to delete the apk debug and build again with will be a fresh build. Well it works for me. Thank you

I deleted the entire platforms and still having too much MBs. How heavy is your app?

my app is 40 mb with crosswalk nad was about 145mb then i deleted apk works for me she went from 145mb to 45mb.

Wow, mine is 40 MB too (on AppStore and Google Play). I think it’s too much.

sometimes you maybe left some files that you dont want, try to see that please

i dont know about appstore i work on linux wai
ting to buy an apple.Is it the same mb in ios and android?

I would start with saving your images for web at 72 dpi in Photoshop or similar program.

If you are using PNG’s. Use a free PNG optimizer. This compresses the images.

@ruig6549 It’s almost the same size, around 40MB, all the info is on post 3.

@codewarrior_777 my entire weight – that includes fonts, images, code, and others – is 1.6 MB. can’t sum up 40MB.

I mean, ionic build iOS/Android multiplied all of what I did for 25! This is more like a complain to @Ionic2 (hope it gets to somebody) so they can optimize this. I think the apps are very heavy when transpiled, don’t you?