App Update Plugin in Ionic Framework

I have used the App Update plugin in ionic production app which is suspended by Google PlayStore due to Network abuse since it’s downloading the apk from third party server.

So developers please don’t use plugin.

It took me to appeal to Google PlayStore support to make it rite. After 2 whole days the app is live again.


We are in the process of removing the app update plugin. As a work-around, we will remove the doc page for now.


Plugin has been removed .

Thank you.

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I also got my app suspended up them some weeks back and I had to repack the apk and send an appeal.

What plugin do you guys for auto updates, I had issues integrating code push :pensive::pensive:.

@umsuka currently there is no plugin provided by ionic to solve this in-app update.

@Rachith the App Update plugin was never provided by Ionic, it was just a community plugin.

@umsuka If you are looking for an update service, Appflow is alway a good option here.

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