App Update playstore IONIC 2


I sent my application to the playstore but when I send the update it does not update on the devices automatically. Does this plugin help with this?


Yes it does. I think it should be considered a user decision whether they have auto updates enabled or not. I do, but only when I’m on WiFi for example. I think it would be frustrating to get prompted everytime I open up an app and I would be forced to update (this plugin doesn’t let you update in the background).

What’s maybe a better idea from a user perspective is to create some custom controls for updating behavior. You could decide to create a JSON file which you’re hosting somewhere and you’re pulling into your app on startup. Maybe add some values in there like: mustUpdate, couldUpdate etc.

Then on app startup, check the values you’ve set in your settingsfile, compare it to the current apps version and show a slick popup that there’s an update available, or maybe just a small notification. Or let the user know that they could update, or maybe even must update the app to keep on using it.


I understand, thanks for the help. Could you tell me why playstore does not update my app automatically? Every time I submit an update it is available in the playstore but does not update automatically. Thanks


That’s because of someones personal settings (which are out of your range of influence). So the phone actually determines when it starts to update apps on the phone, based on user settings. That’s why it doesn’t happen automatically but only when certain conditions are met.

Playstore actually holds the most current version of your app (if it’s published and approved) at all times. Updating happens on behalf of the users personal settings (i.e. wifi only, always and whenever, never unless I tell it too etc etc).


Thanks, I’ll follow your advice and I’ll send a push notification every time an update is available.