App Store rejection due to placeholder Ionic icons

After I submitted my app for review to the App Store, it was rejected, because some of the app icons were using the default Ionic icon. I corrected these icons to use my logo, but after uploading the build they still have the same problem. The icons they attached are the default Ionic icons, with sizes 29x29 and 58x58. When I look at my assets in Xcode, all the app icons are either using my logo, or they are not assigned anything.

My issue is that I can’t find any placeholder icons in the source files, but Apple insists that the placeholder icons are present. Since they don’t give technical support, they couldn’t say where these icons are actually used inside the app. I’m 100% sure the Ionic icons are not in the platform resources, and they are not even located inside the file in the .ipa bundle. How can it be possible that these placeholder icons are present in the app, when they are not included in the assets?

Did you find the solution for this ? I had the same problem. They even attached an Ionic icon which they found in the compilation I sent, but looking here at my project, everything seems ok. =/

I did manage to resolve the issue, but I’m not really sure how.

I had a feeling that the reviewer made a mistake when reviewing my second build, and it should have been accepted. So I created a third build and went for submitting the review instead of saving it (which puts it in the front of the review queue) in hopes of getting a different reviewer or something. After 1-2 days I got the message that my app is approved.

I did make a small change between the builds: I found that there were two of each iOS resource tags in the config.xml file. So I cleaned it up and deleted the extra tags, but I don’t think this should have made any difference in my case.