App rejected by google play store

Hi guys

My Ionic app has been suspended due to “alternative store”.

My app make use of Facebook and youtube api, It also use inAppBrowser to access fayfast website which I use for donations.

I received this email from google.

After review, , has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the Alternative Stores provision of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

Any suggestions?

Do you know what part of your app could be understood as an “Alternative Store”?
Did you read the “Alternative Stores provision of the Developer Distribution Agreement”?

and than alternative stores :wink:

seems you try to give access to apps/games for android besides the play store

Yes I have read the DDA, it’s too vague though. I think it could be the inappbrowser opening but still it does not seem like payfast is even available on iStore. But that is just a wild guess. The problem could be the facebook or youtube feed or anything hence I have posted this for solution

It seems so but I really cannot figure out which part of my app is doing that. Either facebook, youtube api or the inappbrowser plugin accessing external url

Maybe they want you to use In-App Purchases for Donations in the App?
(But normally only Apple would do something like that…)

As this is a “policy strike”, can’t you ask for clarification? I remember doing this some time ago when I had a problem… although they banned the whole account after that :stuck_out_tongue:

Am sorry about your account. I have been trying to get hold of them but no luck. I am in South Africa and getting hold of these guys is such a mission. They do not reply to emails, all they have its bots auto generated emails :frowning: its annoying. They should state in details which part of the app is violating which clause.

(Was a test account, so all good :slight_smile: I just checked: I had to file a repeal to the rejection and then after that was denied too I could answer an email that was read by an actual person. Unfortunately they couldn’t do anything [I agree] so no help.)

At least I still have 2 more strikes. Thanks :slight_smile: let’s keen coding and keep Ionic alive !!!