My App was rejected from the store - device and network abuse

Hi, I already have an app on play store , which is basically a church app, which has some functions to play youtube videos. I am using wordpress as my backend, i add a post with the video id in wordpress, i get it in the app and i tried to use iframe to embed the youtube player in the app. I used this . Now I did some updates and then posted the new apk’s to play store and i now get an email saying that my app update is rejected because it because it violates our device and network abuse policy . I have not monetized the app. no ads. This is what the email says "

I reviewed Tamil Christian Daily Devotion, com.ionicframework.dailydevotion521916, and had to reject it because it violates our device and network abuse policy. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Here’s how you can submit your app for another review:

Your app shouldn’t access or use a service or API in a manner that violates its terms of service. For example, make sure your app doesn’t download, monetize, or access YouTube videos in a way that violates the YouTube Terms of Service.
Can anybody shine the light on this issue ? Is there anyother way which i can embed videos in my ionic app ?

I have the same issue, where you able to fix it?