App-plist overwritten by ionic build: UPDATE

OK so I am looking into how ionic build keeps changing my ios app-plist file.

My goal is for ionic build to stop adding "AllowArbitrayLoads’ to my app-plist file. This is because it is unnecessary and stands a high chance of getting my app rejected.

I have removed ios from ionic platforms entirely. I have removed all cordova plugins. I have removed all traces of NSTransportSecurity and NSAllowArbitraryLoads from any line of code in my entire project. Yet on each build the entry gets added to the top of my app-plist causing me to have to manually remove the entry before I can submit it.

I do not want to have to restart my project and copy and past code back in, especially since this appears to be a bug in how ionic constructs the plist file.

Does anyone know by what possible means this entry is being added to my plist file? Thanks so much.