App is slow in some Android devices


I used ionic framework for building my android app. I tried it in Sony Xperia T(Jellybean 4.3)it works smooth.

But in MOTO G (Kitkat 4.4.4) and Xperia Z(Jellybean 4.3)is very slow. Is it a problem with ionic framework / Cordova?
Any help appreciated


Are you doing anything that might be resource intense? What exactly isn’t smooth?

I had a bug in one of my apps once because I had a rogue infinite loop. Caused lag on some devices, but not all.


some images are there in my home page. thatz all. When i navigate to next page or scroll down the app is noticeably slower on MOTO G (Kitkat 4.4.4) and Xperia Z(Jellybean 4.3) . But smooth on Sony Xperia T(Jellybean 4.3) . But 3 phones have about same specifications (i think).