Ionic framework application performance issue

Hi Team,

We are developing a high profile mobile application for one of our clients using the IONIC framework.
We are almost done with the development for this phase. The application seems to be working well when
opening in Web/Mobile Browser. However, when we port this into a mobile application using the framework commands
the application becomes very slow and gets stuck a lot. This is resulting in a very poor user experience.

I am using the command “ionic run android” to create the APK.
Could you please help us with this issue? We are not able to submit the APK for testing with this issue.
Is there any configuration that i could use to speed up the application.

Also, I have added a Ionic Loader in most of my pages.The behaviour is very inconsistent (it appears sometimes only).
This is also contributing to a poor user experience.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,