App slow on Samsung Tablet

I installed my Ionic2 app on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab - P5210, Android 4.4.2) and noticed that the components load terribly slow. Once they are loaded the app can be used but is slower than on other devices. After closing and re-opening the app everything is really slow again. By slow I mean that the whole app freezes for 10+ seconds.
By the way, I also use crasswalk.
Anyone who has the same problem? What should I do?

What about stop to use Samsung devices? Or what about make refactoring? Or what about just use the search in forum? You (forum’s users) creates same topic each days.

Question 1:
Most of my users use Samsung devices, so no.
Question 2:
On every other device the app works, so why should I refactor?
Question 3:
I already did search for this problem, but could not find anything useful

:slight_smile: But you understand that your question like: The sun is too bright, what should I do? Nothing. The Ionic Team can’t improve Android OS. But you can improve your code, same like you can wear sunglasses.

Yes, of course :wink: . But maybe it’s an ionic bug and maybe there are some workarounds…I don’t know

You might want to log your app when running on Android. I’m sure you’ll find more insights as to what is keeping the app from running the way it should.

I just checked your tablet, and trust me, the tablet is way slower generally, considering it is a Dual-core 1.6 GHz, launched in 2013.

You mention you’ve tried on other devices and it works fine. Run it on a flagship phone or tablet from Samsung, and let’s know if it’ll run that slow.

I don’t know precisely what you expected from a 2013 model, with an Intel Atom Z2560, running android 4.2. Maybe, magic?

I testet it also on a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (Android 4.1.2), launched in 2012 and it is a loooot smother, so I thought it could work at least as good as with the s3 mini.
I’ll try to log my app :wink: