App icon is missing from phone home screen (in Genymotion)

After running “ionic run” my splash screen appears in Genymotion and the app loads fine, but I noticed the app launch icon is nowhere to be found on the phone home page (that is, the front page where all of the other app’s icons are). All of the icons and splash screen images appear to be in the resources directory, so I’m pretty perplexed.

Any suggestions?


sometimes i have to swipe over a few pages on genymotion to find m app… it sometimes puts the app on the last page. check that out first. If that doesnt work try removing/adding your platform again. It’s probably something small if you have used the ionic CLI to generate the splashscreens/icons.

If none above work, what is the size of the icon you used to generate and which genymotion device are you running ? may be helpful to paste your config.xml here too