App doesn't work on Genymotion but does on Device?!


I am currently developing an app and had to change the statusbar color for it. Now, after much googling, I’ve figured it out that you cannot change statusbar colors in LG G3 (removed stuff maybe?), but I can show and hide it. So I thought I’d use Genymotion but as it turns out, THE APP JUST STAYS BLANK ON IT!

It works perfectly when I use “ionic run” on the device, with no live reload. But when I run it on genymotion, it just shows the splashscreen and then a blank white page.

I inspected the views using chrome inspect and this is what I found out.




It turns out that the ion-app DOM gets loaded in the device but not in Genymotion.




Now I have no idea why this is happening. Maybe because of that error in the console?
Please help.
Oh and I have tried many emulations with different configs on Genymotion, with different SDK version. It works on none of them.

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hmm interesting, I can’t get this to happen on my genymotion sim

Anyway you could provide a quick run down of what commands you used?

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Just the usual ones. Created the app using ionic blank starter command with typescript enabled, created one page using ionic generator command, have two cordova plugins installed (statusbar and splashscreen) using the cordova plugin add commands and then i used to do ionic serve --lab usually, but now I do ionic run -c / ionic run. I sometimes connect my phone so it runs on that and sometimes I start genymotion up and then run this command but then it doesn’t work there.

Is there a solution to this problem? or is it just me having it?