App-Flow: how to change update method?

Another stupid question:

I set up my application to test AppFlow Live Deploy. Works fine so far.
However, I want to change the update method fom “background” to “auto” but can’t find a setting or CLI command. Simply “ionic deploy add…” doesn’t work.

What I’ve done is remove the cordova-plugin.ionic from package.json. Then do the process again by executing "ionic deploy add --app-id=“your-id” --channel-name=“your-channel” --update-method=“your-method”. I don’t know if it is the correct way, as I could not find documentation on how to change the update method. However this works.

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For Capacitor projects, use the ionic deploy configure command (newly documented). If the plugin is already installed, it overrides the configuration variables in the native projects.

For Cordova projects, this is not implemented because it is better to reinstall the plugin with the different parameters and let Cordova deal with the changes.

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Thanks Matt, again a great help!

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hey again - got the configure command documented :blush: cheers!