App-debug.apk is renamed during the build process

I’m trying to use “live reload” on my app, so I’m running the command

ionic cap run android -l --external --verbose

The process stops when it looks for the file


Except that the file was named “Transporter-debug.apk” during the build (The name of the project)
What can I do ?

This is my first Ionic project and I’m a bit lost with all the moving parts

Did you change anything in gradle that could change the name of the apk?
it should be named app-debug.apk unless you are using flavors or some other gradle feature that affects apk names

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I can’t really answer you because I just inherited this project.

But your comment gave me the insight I needed. I nuked the android folder et restarted from scratch.
Lo and behold, the previous dev did something that messed up the live reload and now it works like a charm.

Thanks a lot!!