Ionic 2 how to rename android-debug.apk to projectname.apk

How to rename android-debug.apk to my project-name.apk for example i am developing sportslearner app i need to change it to sportslearner.apk

on windows…

rename android-debug.apk project-name.apk 

on anything else

mv android-debug.apk project-name.apk 


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I think this is manual process right ? is there any automated process?

Well you could put an executable file in the same directory and run that.

Something like…

ionic cordova build ios/android(whichever) --prod
rename android-debug.apk somethingelse.apk

Or you could add an additional command on the ‘scripts’ section in package.json, but you’ll need to look that up for yourself.

They’re ran using…

npm run-script build <- this being the name