App bahaves differently in browser an on Android device?

I deployed an app on the browser (with ionic serve) and on my mobile device (with the command ionic build android; ionic run android). So both are using the same code.

Both application seem to look similar but both behave differently.

Is it possible (or have you experienced) that the application in the browser and on the mobile device behaves differently, even though they are based on the same code?

Thanks in advance for answering.

Yes, I have experienced this. Specifically, devices that are Android 4.3 and lower don’t render things the same way. On devices running 4.4 and above, the display is pretty consistent for me across devices, screen sizes, and PC Chrome (set to a device emulation mode).

For the browser I’m using Chromium
Android device: 5.1.1

Is there a way to solve this throughout all platforms?

This can be caused by the device using a different browser engine than the one you are using to develop. E.g Devices running Jellybean don’t have Chrome as the default browser, the Android native browser has a number of issues which were never resolved.

For Android it’s suggested to use Crosswalk

This will ensure the correct browser engine is used and provides a consistent behaviour and experience.

I’ve installed crosswalk browser.
I’m using “maps template” and I’ve implemented a new directive that opens an iframe instead of map.
All seems to work in the browser(chrome) but it’s completely different in android(4.4): footer is on the top and the screen is white.
Any suggests?