App - Access Denied Message in iOS in default-Language English (AVCaptureFigVideoDevice)

this is kind of weird.

I changed the languauge of the app-Messages in ios already in the plist file via the known keys to German.

Knows Keys:

  • CFBundleDevelopmentRegion
  • CFBundleDevelopmentRegionKey

to German.

So far so good, it is working for the things I know.

Now,… my app needs access to camera. The following problem occurs:

  • User starts App for the first time
  • Message pop ups (in German) - Need Access to Camera…
  • User clicks “Denied”
  • User try to open the camera function in the app
  • Message pops up (in ENGLISH) that the App needs access to the camera, which must be changed in the settings.

So,… I dont get the point why the second message is english. Even in the xCode log I got a german output for the error.

Did I miss something? Or do I have to add any additional key to the plist file?

Thanks a lot for your help. :frowning: