Application Rejected in Apple Store Due to Language Divergence in Device Alert

Good morning friends. We went here to upload an application to the Apple Store, to be installed on the IPhone and we were surprised by the rejection of the same because of something strange;

Guideline 4.0 - Design

We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect:

  • Your app’s modal alerts are in English, but your app’s primary language is Portuguese. To help users understand why your app is requesting access to a specific feature, your app’s modal alerts should be in the same language as the rest of your app.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to address all instances of this type of issue.


For information on improving and enhancing your app:

  • Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps.
  • Watch the video iPhone and iPad User Interface Design for practical design tips.
  • Watch iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips.
  • Review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and ensure that your app’s interface and design adhere to these guidelines.

Please see attached screenshot for details.

The application is in Portuguese, but the message that appears, and that was the reason for the rejection, is in English and refers to the request to the user of the device, to let our application access the GPS features of the device.

Here we do not know how to solve this since the message in English is from the telephone and not from our project

Isn’t this message set in the config.xml?

as well? I did not understand

What I was saying is, check your application’s config.xml file to see if the alert text is there. I know for GeoLocation the message text is defined there.

Also, were they testing on an iPhone with its language set to Portuguese? Or were they testing on a English device, but your text is hard coded in Portuguese?