Anyone upload app with firebase plugin?

cordova-plugin-firebase 2.0.5 “Google Firebase Plugin”

above plugin is problem.
I should use phone authentication.,
when I build app on my iPhone, it works very well.

and I tried to upload it on Xcode. but occurs error saying

New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability

of course, I have faced this error. nomarlly I can handle it by adding

<preference name="WKWebViewOnly" value="true" />
    <feature name="CDVWKWebViewEngine">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVWKWebViewEngine" />
    <preference name="CordovaWebViewEngine" value="CDVWKWebViewEngine" />

this on config.xml.
but this time, it’s not working with it. and I remove firebase plugin , it’s not showing that error…

I really don’t have idea how to deal with it.
I tried to use firebasex plugin but it seems having problem on pod file or can’t use it with angularfire2( at least I should use it for auth…)

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I’m having the same problem, been using cordova-plugin-firebase 2.0.5 for more than 1 year.
And Apple will reject app with this plugin on Dec 2020.
I tried to switch to cordova-plugin-firebasex on different versions but no luck.