Anyone successfully submitted an app to Windows Store?

Okay i am getting a little frustrated and hoping someone can provide some direction.
I created my app sent it to Play Store, approved and live no problem, sent it to App Store… day later approved and no problem.

Sent it to Wndows Store and here is where my problems begin.
First time they declined the app stating the app crashes…(took 5 days to get this) here is the message

App Policies: 10.3.1 App Is Not Testable
Notes To Developer
Unfortunately, we can’t test your app: <br><br>The app's core functions are not usable.<br><br>Steps to Reproduce:<br>1. Launch the app.<br>2. Notice that the app displays a blank screen.
Tested Devices: Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile

Okay maybe my web services were done at that time…
did not change ANYTHING, resubmitted the same package and 2 days later got another message stating.

App Policies: 10.1.1 Inaccurate Representation
Notes To Developer
The app's Tile icon is a default icon, tiles must uniquely represent the app so users can associate it with your app. For information about icons and tiles in Windows apps, see<br> Tile issue was found in:<br> pin to start<br> app list<br>

That is really weird because i had deployed the app using vs to both my local machine and to my Windows 10 Mobile both show the icon properly and there is nothing wrong with it.

Ok i thought maybe i messed up when packaging it, redid the manifest in visual studio, took screenshots for the approvers and sent them a link proving that everything looks fine and requesting for them to send send me a screenshots of what THEY see since i cannot figure out the actual problem since everything looks fine before i submitted it.

Today my third submission failed and i do not see any new messages, it only has those old ones (assuming it failed again because of the icon).

I am lost for what to do next, I have ran the app through windows cert and everything passed according to their tests and everything looks fine from my installs on Windows 10 devices.

I am ready to throw in the towel on submitting to Windows Store.

Did you look at these two tile icons? Your screenshot only shows the normal app icon - but maybe they are different at “pin to start” (I assume this is the bigger one that appears in the “tile area” after using “pin to start” in the app list) and “app list” (I assume this is the alphabetical app list you get when you hit the Win/Start button)?

Here is all of them
Note the last image contains some cordova defaults (after setting all the items in visual studio) those 6 did not get overwritten by what the Visual Asset generated

Exactly: Are those maybe used somewhere? And the review people are seeing these?

that is what i assume that they are seeing those, but my package.windows10.appxmanifest contains NO references to any of those images

Can you manually test these two cases? Go to the start menu and see what it looks like in the app list and when you pin to start.

i also verified no references to those default images
and those screenshots i provided include that, but i will take a vid of all of what i see

Sorry, only saw the first picture.

Ya i am lost for what to do now, MS wont freaken tell me or show me what issue they are having, their explanation is not really what I am seeing. I repeatedly asked for screenshots to see what it looks like on their end but no answer.

Yeah, MS is sometimes worse than Apple…

Back in the day when I did Windows Mobile/Phone stuff, we were lucky to have a developer relations person we could call that would help resolve such things. Maybe you met someone at a conference or meetup? Maybe there exists a MS office in your city/state/country where you can go digging for a developer relations person?