App Store Rejected my ionic 3 app


app store rejected my app because of this

1.0 Binary Rejected May 29, 2017
Guideline 2.2 - Performance - Beta Testing Your app appears to be a pre-release, test, or trial version with a limited feature set. Apps

how i can solve this


Contact apple about it, file an appeal. I don’t know anything about the contents of your app, but it seems as Apple thinks it’s to limited to be in the app store for some reason. Not really something Ionic can do about that I’m afraid :frowning:


my app is perfect and i published in play store what i can do in this problem


Why might Apple think this?


Haha well okay. File an appeal with Apple and ask why they have rejected your app. That the playstore has accepted your app doesn’t mean Apple will. No correlation between the two. Only thing I can say is that Apple is a lot stricter with approving apps then Android is.


You tried to publish an app build without --release tag.
Build your app again with ionic cordova build ios --prod --release