Does Android App Bundle also benefit Cordova users?

I got a notification of this feature in my Android Release Dashboard and am curious if this also benefits us cordova users?


I’ve the same question, do you found some information about it? I was googling but, found nothing…

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Nope, found nothing yet

Hope we can get something on this soon from the ionic team. Could be a solution to the massive apk size of ionic apks

@bamboriz If you’re using AppFlow / Ionic Pro remember to set --prod and --release in package.json.

How can i reduce an ionic apk size ? Android Release Dashboard notified with a link
how to use this app-bundle in ionic to reduce app size?

Here you can find some answers.
Hope they may help you.

Check this

Hi everyone, how do I generate 64 bit apk for app using crosswalk into it?

Can anyone help me out?