Chrome scrolling stops working

I’ve been having this issue for some time, both with Canary and regular Chrome (Mac). My app consists of several tabs, each of which has an ion-list. The live reload works great, but fairly regularly the scrolling will just stop working for no apparent reason. Reloading the page doesn’t fix it. The only fix is to quit Chrome, enable device mode again and reload the page.

Anyone else seen this? Does Ionic provide the scrolling with the large round cursor or is that just built into Chrome anyway?

Yes we have that too on chrome… haven’t had a chance to look into it yet, but definitely issue

Usually i can close the tab and start over, but now we have a case where we can’t get scrolling to work again on linux / chrome

Sorry, can’t help yet, will need to look into this

We see this too, and managed to get things working via a couple changes to the ionic bundle. Our hacky work-around is described here: Problems getting scroll events in Chrome on a touchscreen laptop