Any idea of a time needed before a stable release?


Hello guys and thank you for this awesome-looking product !

I’m about to start a new hybrid app, and wondering if I could use Ionic with it. I don’t want to wait too much time before starting the work, so the question is in the title : is Ionic going to be available soon in a stable version, usable for production app ?

Thanks ahead for your answers, and good night !


Although Ionic is still in Alpha, it is being used in production by a fair number of applications:

But regarding a timeframe for a more stable release, we are looking to do a beta this month.


Thank you, Tim ! Great work you are doing with this tool, congrats. Continue being amazing, please :smile:

BTW I find your forum very nice to use too.


Here is the new url route from the link above. Because i ended up here from google it may help other people to get there faster.